1. Capefinn was really proud to be involved with this truly inspiring project. Here is the video we produced about the Nokia competition winners journey to meet the aquanauts at the Aquarius reef base. I filmed this with Valtteri Hirvonen. We used Lumia 1020’s in Watershot underwater cases to film everything. Super fun!


  2. Really stoked to announce that Capefinn together with Great Apes has won a Red Dot award for Communication Design for Nokia Transitions. 

    The project which has now won a silver in the European design Awards, an Honorable mention in the prestigious Webby Awards and was a finalist at the Finnish Grand One awards in two categories was a real labour of love for all of us.

    The team was Matt Barr of All Conditions Media, Ed Leigh, Tim Maher and Valtteri Hirvonen of Kuvaamo, the amazing design and development team at the Great Apes and myself from Capefinn as the Creative Director and lead Producer.


  3. This is exactly the kind of thing I dreamed about doing when i was a kid.

  4. More Parallax. This is the film that got me interested in this technique. Unfortunately they took the long version down. The longer version combines the 2.5d effect with an almost abstract narrative which I found compelling. It was almost like going into the mind of a classical painting. You could imagine that this is what the dream world of a the renaissance looked like, you see the beauty, perversion and horror in the paintings. I don’t normally see below the surface of this type of art, its normally just an image, and so if someone calls a classical painting perverse, I don’t see it. I feel that this film does allow you to feel the power and impact of these images. Imagine living in a society where there was hardly any imagery and then seeing a painting of Nymphs frolicking in the woods…

  5. Still on Parallax. Love this film from Make Productions. 

  6. In case you were wondering how to pull off the Parallax 2.5d effect. Great tutorial. 

  7. Really interesting in trying this!


  8. I was listening to Kim’s song. Its especially powerful as it was recorded by the Plastics in order to fulfil the wish of Kimberly Rose to be a star before she sucumbed to teminal cancer. Thought I would share it.

    (Source: Spotify)